Reports and software


  • Matlab plotting tool for visualisation of short snippets of DTAG data around the time of a brief disturbance (e.g., a 30-second playback, or an individual transmission that is part of a longer controlled exposure).

Double MOCHA Technical Reports

Double MOCHA Workshop Reports

MOCHA Working Group Meeting Reports

Other Reports

  • Harris, CM & Thomas, L 2015, Status and future of research on the behavioural responses of marine mammals to U.S. Navy sonar . CREEM Technical Report , no. 2015-3, University of St Andrews.

Conference Proceedings

  • Harris, C.M., Thomas, L., Sadykova, D., DeRuiter, S.L., Tyack, P.L., Southall, B.L., Read, A.J., Miller, P.J.O. 2016. The Challenges of Analyzing Behavioral Response Study Data: An Overview of the MOCHA (Multi-study OCean acoustics Human effects Analysis) Project. Pages 399-407 In: Popper, A. N. and Hawkins, A.  eds. (2016). The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II, Advances in Experimental Biology and Medicine 875. Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, New York. DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-2981-8_47